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The Enthusiasm Smile Diet Quiz
adapted from
Living with Enthusiasm: How the 21-Day Smile Diet Can Change Your Life

Choose the answer that sounds most like you. Score yourself at the end of the quiz.  

DAY 1. How often do you find yourself smiling during the day? 

  1. Whatís to smile for? The worldís such a mess. Besides, I heard it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. I hate exercise so the more muscles I can use without effort, the better.

  2. Once. At exactly five oíclock p.m. every Monday through Friday and twice on the 2nd and 4th Fridays when I get my paycheck.

  3. Iíve never thought about it. Maybe 10-20 times a day. But I hardly ever show my teeth because theyíre not perfect and I canít afford to get them fixed.

  4. My life is a smile! I hunt for smiles. Everywhere I look thereís something to smile about no matter whatís going on in my life.

DAY 2.
Do you wake up with a smile on your face?

  1. No, but my dog does.

  2. My face wakes up in park. I need all the help I can get.

  3. Once in a while if Iíve had a good dream or Iím excited about something Iím doing that day.

  4. Zippity do dah day! As soon as Iím aware Iím awake, I choose to smile as big as I can, take a deep breath, and say a prayer, ďThank you for another day.Ē

DAY 3. Would you like more energy to get more done?

  1. Is this a rhetorical question?

  2. Depends on how much exercise I have to do.

  3. If itís fun, count me in.

  4. Always. I keep a running list of 50 energy-building tips that help me get things done faster and with more fun.

DAY 4. How easy is it for you to get other people to buy in to your ideas?  

  1. Letís just say that I graduated last in my class on purpose so that everyone else could get ahead.

  2. Just call me Attila the Hun.

  3. I'm a money magnet. If Iím excited about what Iím talking about, people throw money at me.

  4. I finally figured out that my enthusiasm is in direct proportion to how excited I am about what I'm selling, and how much I'm helping someone who needs what I have to see the benefits of what I offer.

DAY 5. How would you rate your health over the last twelve months? 

  1. Between my Prozac, Mylanta, and Advil, Iím doing great.

  2. A few aches and pains, maybe one cold, and a few headaches depending on the moods of my boss, co-worker, or child.

  3. Since Iíve had cancer, my whole definition of healthy has changed. How am I? Alive, smiling, and grateful Ė thatís healthy to me.

  4. Since I started eating smaller portions with more green veggies, doing some kind of movement every day, and upping my fun factor, Iím healthier than Iíve ever been.

DAY 6. Do you have enough fun and joy in your life? 

  1. Please, send in the clownsÖ

  2. Can you help me put the fun back in dysfunctional?

  3. I am the life of my party. And life is the party I make.

  4. Now I do. I read this great book Ė Living with Enthusiasm: How the 21-Day Smile Diet Can Change Your Life Ė that showed me fun isn't a four-letter word and that when you combine fun with meaning and contribution, the result is joy.

DAY 7. How connected do you feel to the people in your life? 

  1. Like totally! I love my cell phone.

  2. Does the internet count?

  3. My family drives me crazy but I wouldnít trade them for a million dollarsÖat least this week. Just kidding. I love them to death and theyíll be the death of me. Did I just say that?

  4. My mother taught me that if I make sure to smile and do something every day that would cause a family member, friend, coworker and someone in our community to say thank you, Iíd never feel alone. She was right.

DAY 8. How would you describe your energy level?  

  1. I wake up tired, go to bed tired. How do I get off the treadmill?

  2. After two cups of espresso and a sweet roll, Iím good for about an hour and then I crash.

  3. I make the energizer bunny look like a slug.

  4. When I pace myself, eat healthy foods, and remember to take laugh breaks throughout the day, I can go all day.

DAY 9. How many questions did you ask yourself or others yesterday? 

  1. What does this question have to do with enthusiasm?

  2. One. In a restaurant. Whereís the bathroom?

  3. At least 100 before lunch. The only dumb question is an unasked one.

  4. I had a list of 20 for the doctor. I know from researching Alzheimerís after my dad was diagnosed that learning helps keep your brain healthy so I try to learn something new every day.

DAY 10. How often do you point out to others whatís wrong with things, people, or situations compared to what is right? 

  1. Pointing out whatís wrong and telling people how to fix it is my full-time job.

  2. Does the word Pollyanna mean anything to you?

  3. There's a gift in everything if I'm willing to look for it.

  4. Life has its ups and downs. So do people. I focus on what I can do. If I run into a problem, I donít dwell on it. I trust that, with everyoneís help, we can find a solution.

DAY 11. When was last time you had a really good belly laugh that brought tears to your eyes? 

  1. This is a ridiculous question. Whatís the point?

  2. I canít remember, maybe years.

  3. Last month on Friends.

  4. Just this morning! Good thing my legs were crossed. I didn't wet my pants this time. Life is so funny at times I canít help but laugh out loud by myself.

DAY 12. Do you have a hobby or activity that you love to do and participate in daily? 

  1. Too busy. I donít have time for anything but work and carting the kids around town.

  2. Does a new boyfriend count?

  3. I finally got my horse after waiting 35 years! Even mucking his stall makes me smile.

  4. I love, love, LOVE the work I do matching latch-key kids with temporary grandparents after school at my community Senior Center.

DAY 13. What drives your enthusiasm? 

  1. My SUV! With three active kids, I couldn't live without it.

  2. Party! I'll turn anything into an excuse to have a good time.

  3. You mean, like, "Am I in the driver's seat of my life?"

  4. The world needs all the good that we can do and I'll do what I can to offer hope and encouragement wherever I can.

DAY 14. How often do you hear yourself say, ďWow,Ē ďThatís amazing,Ē or ďOhhh, that's so beautiful!? 

  1. Not often enough.

  2. Whenever Iím chasing tornadoes or passing a car accident. There but for the grace of God, go I.

  3. Every time I look in the mirror.

  4. Every day there are at least ten billion things Ė a sunrise, a childís laugh, the bud of a rose, my catís purrÖ

DAY 15. God comes to you and says, "It's your lucky day. I need a vacation. I've chosen you to fill in for me today to run the world. You've got 30 seconds to decide what four things to bring with you. What will you bring? 

  1. Can you reschedule your plans until next week? Iíve got a big charity event coming up this weekend and they canít do it without me.

  2. My family, my photo album, my cell phone, and a hot dish for Godís freezer so She doesnít have to cook the night she gets back.

  3. My cat, my jewelry, a bottle of wine, and chocolate truffles.

  4. My enthusiasm, my love, my creativity and my health. If God needs a vacation, Iíll need the best of me.

DAY 16. Your manager has just notified you that your job is being phased out in 30 days and thereís no opportunity for a transfer. What do you tell yourself? 

  1. I knew this would happen. If it werenít for bad luck, Iíd have no luck at all.

  2. If this company were run by anyone who knew what they were doing, this would have never happened. Iím calling my attorney.

  3. Great! I need a vacation.

  4. I wish this hadnít happened, but I know thereís a gift in here somewhere. At least I have 30 days to prepare. Iíll update my resume this coming week and send it out to my email list next week.

DAY 17.
Where is your favorite place in nature to rejuvenate yourself?

  1. Does the electric Zen mini bubbling brook on my desk count?

  2. My garden or walking along the river with my dog on Saturday mornings.

  3. Watching the full moon rise from the cockpit of my sailboat.

  4. An ocean boardwalk, park bike path, or wherever thereís fresh air and I can roll my wheelchair makes me a happy camper.

DAY 18. What dream or goal are you most excited about making happen this coming year? 

  1. Why bother? Nothing ever turns out the way I wanted anyway.

  2. Iíll have to let you know. I have to check with my husband first.

  3. I need help. How do I choose the best one? There are so many good ones!

  4. I have two. One just for me and one with my family. Iím taking an Italian cooking class at the local community college with two friends Ė weíre going to open a restaurant in three years. The other dream is organizing a family reunion for my family this summer.

DAY 19. How many people are you avoiding or not speaking to because of an unpleasant past experience with them? 

  1. My lawyer said to plead the fifth.

  2. My therapist says, ďIf you have to ask the answer is Ďyes.íĒ

  3. None. I hate conflict and confrontation so I make sure I never get that close to anyone or I just roll with whatever comes up.

  4. None. I canít control the past but I can control my thinking. When I encounter uncomfortable situations, I either deal with them directly or address them within 24 hours and keep working on forgiving. Itís a daily process but the peace of mind is worth it.

DAY 20. How many friends do you have that you would feel comfortable calling at 3 a.m. in the morning if you needed emotional support? 

  1. Does my psychiatrist count?

  2. I wouldnít feel comfortable calling friends at that hour of the night. Iíd just suffer through it.

  3. Is this similar to, ďHow many friends does it take to screw in a light bulb? Five, because if you burn out one, you still have four left.

  4. I got smart. Iím in a womenís support group that gets together or talks on the phone for an hour once a week, so Iíd say seven.

DAY 21. What do you say when someone compliments you?

  1. Are you kidding?

  2. Donít thank me. Thank my team.

  3. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for noticing. Is there anything else?


SCORING: After each day, list the letter that you chose for your response (a, b, c, d).

Day 1 ______ Day 8 ______ Day 15 ______
Day 2 ______ Day 9 ______ Day 16 ______
Day 3 ______ Day 10 ______ Day 17 ______
Day 4 ______ Day 11 ______ Day 18 ______
Day 5 ______ Day 12 ______ Day 19 ______
Day 6 ______ Day 13 ______ Day 20 ______
Day 7 ______ Day 14 ______ Day 21 ______


How to Understand Your Score

Perhaps you've noticed that with each question you answered, the "a" and "b" responses had a touch (or more) of cynicism, low self-worth, or low expectations for joy.

The "c" answers showed a healthier sense of humor, community, and effort to create more enthusiasm, but still didn't always fully embrace the unlimited abundance available to us all.

The "d" answers range from ideally balanced and joyful to off-the-chart (and for the cynics among us, unrealistically and annoyingly) enthusiastic.

It's a helpful idea to remember that you experience a range of moods throughout the day and that whatever surprises show up, you have the opportunity to choose your response.

I'm not suggesting denial in difficult situations, but I do know that once you've acknowledged the situation, the sooner you look for something to be enthusiastic about, the better you will feel and the more you'll be able to move into positive action.

Notice how many "a" and "b" answers you had and pay special attention to those days as you're reading Living with Enthusiasm. Be sure to do the action steps and answer the questions at the end of each of these particular days. You'll strengthen your smile muscles and increase your ability to splash in the stream of joy more often.

If you answered "c" and "d" to most questions, congratulations. You're living with enthusiasm and people look to you for inspiration. Read Living with Enthusiasm in the early morning or at the end of the day as a way to renew your spirit. Share extra copies with your admirers and mentees to help them stay encouraged.

How to Apply Your Answers to Your Life

Review all 21 questions one more time and notice which one question and set of answers sticks in your mind or touches your heart. Read that day's message in the book and spend the next 21 days focusing on that message as a gift to yourself. For example: You really got a charge or an ache from Day 7's question, "How connected do you feel to other people?" because you realized that you stay in touch most often by cell phone but don't spend more than 5 minutes in person with most people. You could decide to spend 60 quality minutes once a week with someone important to you, sharing 15 minute monologues about what's going on in your lives, doing the 30-second laugh, and sharing appreciations for each other. If you run out of things to say, take a walk or do some activity together that involves something other than watching TV or going to a movie or talking about other people besides yourselves -- give each other shoulder, hand, or foot massages, or dance or sing to your favorite music.

Consciously Smile at 3 New People a Day

Here's another example: Maybe you realized that you only smile at people who smile at you. Set yourself a goal to smile at 3 new people every day for the next three weeks. Write down their names at the end of the day in your journal and a few sentences about how they responded and how that made you feel. At the end of 21 days, I guarantee you that you'll feel more connected to people and that there will be at least a few miracles that will have taken place.

"Enthusiasm is the language of the spirit." Learn to speak that language. Order today!There's more! Get the latest research on smiling, laughter, and the healing power of enthusiasm, and receive 105 practical tips to create more enthusiasm and 105 empowering questions to enhance your self-discovery.

Living with Enthusiasm also makes a great gift, especially for someone going through a hard time.


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